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Nine hours of private tutoring to focus on specific areas of need and build on the classroom experience

Provides a comprehensive and structured approach covering the entire test

Delivers proven, score-raising strategies

Classes taught by highly trained, expert instructors who scored in the 90th percentile or higher

Score improvement of 310 points achieved!

Provides a total of 34 hours of prep time, plus skill-building homework assignments

Utilizes real test questions from relesased exams

Builds both skills and confidence for test day

Overall, our current students improved an average of 135 points from their first practice test to their second. The average improvement for the top half of all students was 207 and the biggest improvement was 310 points!

Individual & Group

Throughout the 18 hours of class time, students will be challenged to utilize and apply skills and strategies both as a group and individually. Additionally, students will participate in individual exercises which will mimic the time constraints they will experience on test day.


Extra Practice

As concepts and strategies pile up, it can become difficult to remember them all. What better way to combat this than by practice! Homework will be assigned to students between sessions so that they can tangibly practice on their own and retain more information to ensure that they are prepared come test day.

Fun & Interactive Tools

While having fun isn’t the primary goal of CollegeDrive, creating a fun learning environment for our students is crucial. Using carefully designed activities helps to facilitate an engaging atmosphere so that students can be fully immersed with the curriculum and the ultimate goal of learning and improving their scores.


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