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SAT/ACT Private Tutoring​ from $374

Available in-center or online!

SAT/ACT Private Tutoring from $349

Students have increased their scores as much as 310 points!

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Trusted by over 10,000 families

Trusted by over 10,000 families

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Private Tutoring options (In-center or Online)

Work with an expert CollegeDrive Instructor to maximize your score improvement. Tutoring Programs are available at a CollegeDrive center or live online, and include:

  • One-on-one instruction
  • Expert, caring instructors who aced the test
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Free proctored practice tests
  • 90-minute sessions

Private tutoring is an ideal option for students who:

  • Learn best from individual attention
  • Score either very high or very low on standardized tests
  • Have limited availability in their schedules

For more information about tutoring options, please call 720-496-2244

PRIVATE TUTORING 3 HOURS $374 Two 90 Minute Sessions

PRIVATE TUTORING 6 HOURS $649 Four 90 Minute Sessions

PRIVATE TUTORING 9 HOURS $899 Six 90 Minute Sessions

PRIVATE TUTORING 12 HOURS $1149 Eight 90 Minute Sessions

What Our Courses Include

In depth content and strategy focused methods that are proven to increase test scores on average by 135 points.

2 Full-Length Proctored Practice Tests that accurately reflect what the students will experience on test day.

Class, group, and individual practice that fosters teamwork and knowledge sharing to help students gain confidence and practice within the time limits for each section.

Interactive games that serve as a fun way to teach content and strategies to motivate students to apply what they’ve learned in the course.

Homework is assigned to help facilitate students to apply knowledge and practice strategies they learned in previous classes. The more students practice, the more confident they will be on test day.

Expert instructors who have scored in the 90th percentile or higher and are passionate about helping students reach their goals and increase their confidence.

About Live Online Tutoring

CollegeDrive students can choose to work with their tutor face-to-face at a CollegeDrive location or live on-line via Zoom Technology. For many students, the convenience and flexibility of online tutoring makes it their preferred option. Zoom Technology seamlessly enables tutors to write on a virtual whiteboard, share their screen with students, and upload files as needed. Most importantly, students who work as a tutor online improve their scores the same amount as those who meet their tutor face-to-face. The choice is yours!

Why CollegeDrive?

Increased Scores

Our students have increased their scores an average of 135 points. Our top improvement to date is 310 points!


Our students have earned millions of dollars in scholarships based on their strong test results.


Our students are not only prepared for test day, they are confident about it.


We are passionate about creating a high quality and affordable program for our families and their students.

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