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Utilizing Online Tutoring to Boost Academic Success: Benefits of Finding a Virtual Tutor

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There are many reasons why a student may benefit from working with a tutor. Struggling academically is the most common reason associated with someone seeking out tutoring services, and while receiving personalized help is an excellent way to improve comprehension, there are also other advantages to working with a tutor. Students who grasp material well but struggle with exams can learn valuable test-taking strategies that improve their performance outcomes. Additionally, some students utilize tutoring in an effort to advance their already-sound skills to help stand out from the competition. Simply put, any student can benefit from tutoring. 

The demand for tutoring has risen dramatically during the current pandemic. Many students experienced gaps in learning from the back-and-forth between in-person and remote learning, absences from school due to Covid-19, or shifts in instructors due to quarantine protocols. Virtual tutoring has especially been a sought-after option for parents who want to keep their teens on track while also keeping them safe, and many families have discovered a variety of additional benefits that remote tutoring provides.  

If you are a parent who is considering virtual tutoring for your student, here are a few of the most important benefits to keep in mind: 

Students Can Learn Without Worrying About Health Risks 

The pandemic has made socializing a complex experience over the last two years, and in-person learning continues to be an area plagued by ongoing uncertainty. By utilizing online tutoring, parents can rest easy knowing that their sons and daughters can experience the academic benefits of tutoring sessions without facing any health concerns or quarantine-related disruptions to their learning. While this is an especially important benefit during Covid-19, remote tutoring also provides a buffer against other forms of illness, such as the common cold or the seasonal flu. 

Online Tutoring Allows for Greater Selection and Flexibility

A great benefit of opting for online tutoring is that the selection of tutors is not limited to any geographical area. Virtual sessions can be scheduled from anywhere with an internet connection, so parents don’t need to address the issue of transportation in their search strategies. For families residing in rural areas that don’t have a wide variety of tutoring options in their communities, parents often experience difficulty in finding a tutor who is both conveniently located and equipped with the right qualities to best serve their students. Each student has unique needs, and remote options increase the likelihood that parents can find someone with the expertise needed to provide their sons and daughters with the greatest academic boost possible. 

Additionally, if busy schedules don’t allow for students to schedule tutoring services during standard business hours, virtual tutors tend to have flexible scheduling options and can often meet during non-traditional times.

Learning From Home Preserves Valuable Time

Utilizing online tutoring services widens the pool of available tutors, and it also helps save parents and students valuable time by forgoing the need to commute to a physical location. Between work, school, extracurricular activities, and household responsibilities, families often are operating under tight schedules with little downtime. For parents and students who are already making daily treks to complete important tasks, they often find remote lessons to be a welcome advantage. 

Online Tutors Can Help Students Gain an Academic Edge

The effectiveness of remote or in-person tutoring is largely dependent on the quality of the tutor and the effort that a student is willing to put into his/her tutoring lessons, but some individuals believe that any type of remote learning is inherently less effective than in-person instruction. That being said, the research shows that online tutoring is incredibly effective against minimizing learning loss during the pandemic and also boosting academic performance in general. Additionally, the same research shows that students who received online tutoring also displayed signs of improved mental well-being and enhanced motivation to succeed. 

As long as students have the necessary technology to engage in virtual lessons and are able to find a tutor who is a good match for their unique needs, online tutoring sessions can be just as effective as in-person programs. Many students also note that being able to record the online lessons and refer back to them later is a beneficial feature when it comes to grasping the material. 

Closing Up

There are many reasons why tutoring can help students excel in school. Working with a tutor can help them improve comprehension of subjects that they struggle to grasp, enhance overall test-taking performance, and/or gain a competitive academic edge. Online tutoring options have been shown to be equally as impactful as in-person sessions, and virtual learning comes with the additional benefits of expanding the number of available tutors to choose from, increasing scheduling flexibility, saving time by avoiding the need to commute, and learning without the distraction of health risks. During this chaotic time, parents can feel assured that there are options to help their students reach their educational goals in ways that are effective, safe, and convenient. 

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