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Admissions Coaching Road Map​

Work with a CollegeDrive admissions coach to achieve your dreams!


We celebrate the milestones in students’ lives, understanding that going to college is one of the most significant that high school students and their families experience. We aim to take the stress off families during this important time and bring joy to the process of self-discovery. We work to empower students through the college planning and application process as they set goals, create their priorities, and learn to present their best selves in the application process. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual student and family. Every family is unique, and so is every student’s college search.

Planning early helps you to understand and make the most of the college search and admission process, but wherever you are on your college planning and admission journey, we can you help to:

Building a Strong Foundation

Beginning  in 8th Grade

College planning begins in the early grades with rigorous academic coursework to develop your skills and ensure college readiness. Learn how colleges look at high school transcripts, standardized testing, and involvement in extracurricular activities to understand the college planning and admissions process and to create an intentional plan for your high school career that will lead to personal and academic growth.


Beginning  in 9th Grade

We can help take the stress off as we guide you through the college planning, admission, and financial aid timelines so you know what happens when. We will support your family and your student as you navigate standardized testing, college fairs, college visits and interviews, applications and applying for financial aid and scholarships.


11th Grade

Working with you to help you clarify your values and interests, we can help you set your priorities to create a balanced list of schools that will be a good personal, academic, and financial fit. Learn how to research college options, gather information, challenge your assumptions, and sift through the enormous amount of information coming your way to explore possible college opportunities.


12th Grade

College admissions is more competitive than ever, and it is important to understand just how each piece of your application works together and separately to present your best self in your college applications. Learn how to make the most of networking opportunities with college representatives, whom to ask for letters of recommendation, how college essays demonstrate your core strengths and values through storytelling, and how to communicate the assets and talents you have to offer to colleges both as a student and as a member of the campus community.

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