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Group and Individual Coaching sessions for students and parents

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Freshmen & Sophomores

Why Admissions Coaching with CollegeDrive?

Our College Admissions Coaching Features:

Individual attention tailored to your needs and interests

Identifying colleges that are a good match for your interests and college admission profile

High school curriculum planning to stay on track for college admission

Guidance on standardized testing

Assisting with planning college visits, college fairs, and interviews

Support with managing deadlines

Feedback on essays and application review

Services available to meet the individual needs of your family

Support to help minimize stress for students and parents

The CollegeDrive Story

Baron Education is a Milestone educational services company whose mission is to prepare students for their future and help them achieve their highest potential. Our CollegeDrive programs draw on over 20 years of expertise in test preparation and college admissions. We are committed to the success of our students and strive to unlock every individual’s greatest potential.

A local company with headquarters in Denver West,  CollegeDrive operates in twelve offices throughout the Denver metro area. We offer a variety of services designed to help students achieve educational success and confidence in future endeavors. Whether your student needs help with academic challenges, preparation for the SAT or ACT, or specialized consultations for college admissions, CollegeDrive is here to help. Our flexible options are customizable depending on your needs, and our personally trained, motivational staff is invested in your future.

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