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University of Colorado Boulder and University of Colorado School of Law

Jodi is a Colorado native and a student at CU Law. She also attended CU for her undergrad, where she majored in environmental studies and political science. She scored in the 98th percentile on the ACT, and she has been tutoring for ten years for a variety of subjects, including ACT prep, mathematics, English, and history. “I enjoy connecting with students and seeing them achieve their goals. If one way of teaching doesn’t work, then it’s up to the teacher to change their style to best fit the student. There are two things in particular that I find especially amazing. The first is working with a student and hearing them say, ‘Oh, that’s what it’s all about! I get it now!’ The second is being able to see the improvement a student has made. It’s fantastic for everyone involved when you can compare work from one point – say a month prior – and see a drastic improvement when compared to current work.” 

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